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What. The. F**k.

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Need I say more? But just in case you dont trust links…
does anyone realize how bad this is for Disney, or even how horriable they have to suck to make such a thing? now if anyone, ANYONE old enough to actually be abale to hunt this blog down thinks a HSM manga would be cool, I have three words for you.

Burn in hell.


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July 11, 2009 at 7:17 PM

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Update:look at my twitter

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long story short, i havent been updating for a while. i have a post on hold, but im not done with it thanks to summer. anyways, if you actually WANT to read me, look at my twitter to your right–>

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June 10, 2009 at 5:39 PM

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“Battlefield Heroes” beta review

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Needless to say(if you’re paying attention to my twitter, that is), I’ve played Battlefield Heroes. If you want to play, you’ll have to go somewhere like gamespot or filefront to get the beta key, then take a couple minutes to set up an account and character.


NOTE:my reviews will be based on three things, sound, graphics, and overall playability, with penalties for anything I feel nitpicky about, and bonuses for anything not in the three categories.

First of all, the game IS enjoyable, but the fact that you have to buy weapons completely unbalances it. It’s like paying a teacher to make all the answers B’s, then scewing up the awnswer forms for everyone else to only put down C’s. It creates a rift between who has money and who doesn’t(much, I admit, like the real world…-_-), and is just too common a flaw in the world of free games. and plus, they ALREADY give you a free in game currency, so why not stick with that? In fact, you can pay for things like health boosts with money! Is th-hang on, im on a rant…

…breathe in…breathe out…

O.K., moving on, the graphics are impressive, considering how fast it downloaded. you can spot imperfections while in a plane, but otherwise, it uses a technique similar to GTA4 to only bring detail to nearby objects. plus, it is relatively easy to find a graphics card to run at it’s highest settings, which is a one up over the insane amount of processing power GTA4 uses. But the art itself screams TF2. O.K., it’s needed to explain the gameplay, but still…

Now the music? there’s only one song, but so far it’s stuck in my head. just listen to it. And the sound otherwise is well done. It could’ve used voice chat, of course.

The playability is high, considering that it’s third person w/ first person controls. The vehicles are fun, though the tank needs some fixing. Why can’s forward just go where your camera’s facing? And for the plane, a joystick is recommended. You won’t need it, but it helps with air combat.

Now then, drumroll, please…


Music10/10(it’s STILL stuck in my head)



Penalties:-5 for ingame shop-2 USELESS level system(all weapons are availible from start)

Bonuses:+2 addicting song, +2 level system, +2 character customization

Final:26 or 8.6/10

P.S. im reviewing the BETA, not the full game.

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April 28, 2009 at 3:07 PM

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The “Green” Project…A rant

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NOTE:I have given up on a gaming centered blog. Instead, I will use this space as a more personal one, although i will post a tidbit here and there.

Recently, my school started The Green Project, a campaign to stop using non-biodegradable plastic bags in favor of recyclable paper bags…

“The ****?”

First of all, didn’t we just finish switching to plastic a couple years ago? I mean, honestly, when someone tells you somethings bad all your life, then suddenly says it’s good, wouldn’t you feel confused? Second, I thought we use plastic BECAUSE they are reusable/recyclable. O.K., if someone leaves it on the floor, it will take longer to decay than paper, but that’s just more time for someone to wise up and pick it up before the place starts stinkin’. If you expect to tell me to reverse my entire opinion on plastic bags, then…”The ****?”

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April 28, 2009 at 2:44 PM

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My Dog is a *****

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Long story short, read above.

My dog, whom’s name i will not disclose, tends to run out the door if left open for even two seconds.Literally. O.K., i admit she’s an outside dog, but I already let her out the back for more time than she spends in, so i have very few ideas on why she does this. She has broken out at least ten times already, and once nearly got run over. Why i’m blogging this, god knows why…

P.S. since i have neglected to post a gaming tidbit today, here instead is a video which is loosely timed to Queen.

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April 26, 2009 at 8:15 PM

There ARE things better than youtube, y’know…

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Looks like you’ve got a bit of luck. Anyways…
I’ve found myself going on instead of youtube recently. Maybe it’s because it’s got a chatroom. Maybe because it’s live. Or maybe it’s because they have more gaming streams than gaming videos on youtube(O.K., not really, but still…).
And even as i speak, i’m watching a stream. Will i be addicted forever? Will i eventually get bored? stay tu-o wait, just check back in a few days, actually :).

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April 26, 2009 at 4:24 AM

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Hello, world!

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My first blog post.

What a joy.

Normally i probably wouldn’t be the kind of guy to start a blog, but there’s so much i just wanna post, I figured i’d give it a shot.

Expect the first update to come in a few days, or tomorrow if you’re lucky.

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April 25, 2009 at 2:28 AM

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